British Vogue Does Style for South Africa. Sooo good!

B.-Vogue-South-Africa-527 x 682

I confess, I’m a little bit of a fashionista.  Well, more like two fashionistas, actually, given the, um, winter coat I’ve managed to put on this season.  But truth be told, I am a denimista, a bonafide jeans girl – all jeans, all the time.  Jeans with an antique Chinese silk jacket.  Jeans with a bright pink Brooks Brothers shirt (that I dyed myself – thank you, RIT).  Jeans with a cashmere cardigan and wife-beater (horrible name, by the way).  Cut-off jeans for warmer months.  And so it goes.

Although my uniform of choice is not the most varied expression in the world, I can spot great style a mile away.   British Vogue always always always gets it right.  The June 2011 issue is no exception.  It contains an insert to best buys (as in style best, not price best) for Summer.  This year, in my opinion, the collection is all about ramshackle chic – casual, effortless, great style, with an undertone of quirkiness yet honesty  –  reality.  The items are cataloged by destination, making the story truly aspirational, as good fashion and great travel should be.

To set the scene – South Africa.  The Globe Trotter luggage alone, is enough to make me cry.  Nevermind that its not orange.

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