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Ramshackle Chic – The Origins

I am an unabashed fan of ramshackle chic. I love the way the words sound when spoken, with the two “sh” sounds punctuated by the crisp “kle” in between. I love the idea of ramshackle chic, which in my vernacular, refers to an effortless, slightly haphazard balance of comfort and coolness; an eclectic yet approachable style that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It is only recently that I have come to realize that ramshackle chic is much more than simply an eclectic style, it’s a state of mind – my state of mind, quietly sitting behind the scenes, calling all the shots. Thus it is no surprise that the partner I have chosen, friends with whom I surround myself, house I love more than anything, taste in clothes, musical influences – even travel destinations, are all a testament to ramshackle chic – honest, stylish, artsy, colorful, interesting, approachable, slightly flawed, and immensely comfortable. Eclectic and unrestrained, chic yet comfortable.

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